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Get Directly In Front of Your Target Audience
With Our Giant 12" x 9" Co-Op Postcard Mailer
Imagine Reaching 10,000 Responsive Households via a POWERFUL, PROVEN method that Simply CANNOT BE IGNORED...
Advertising That Works!
Get your message in front of thousands of local consumers interested in what you're offering.
Get Billboard Exposure Without Spending Thousands.
You won't have ANY direct competitors who would compete with your message.

How Many is 10,000?

This Picture to the right is 250 homes.

10,000 is 40X This Many!!!!

Yes 40X.

Continue below to see just why this makes these mailers the best way to help your business, effectively and affordably!
250 Residences on 1 Route
Reach Ideal Areas of Your Local
Community for Cent's Per View!

Why Advertise On Our Giant
12" x 9" Co-Op Postcard Mailers?

It's nothing less than one of the best “Attention-Grabbing Customer Generating” Direct Mail Co-Ops Available. Delivered Directly by the US Postal Service up to 10,000 Local Residents (Per Mailing) in the form of a Unique, Giant 12” x 9” Heavy Weight, High-Gloss, premier quality Co-Op, Mailing Beautiful Giant Postcards!
  • According to Mail Moments on a study conducted by InnoMedia Inc. commissioned by USPS - 98% of consumers bring in their mail daily
  • If you want to be sure your message gets seen, our giant co-op postcard will dwarf everything else and demand instant attention for your products/services.
  • Instead of spending a fortune to advertise your services, brand, or special offers...simply "ride along" with our local co-op for only cent's per view.
  • No other medium on the planet can place you in front of entire neighborhoods, so cost effectively, like this giant postcard can!
  • With more than 2.4 people per home, as an average, that is potentially doubling your exposure as people bring the GIANT MAILERS into their home!!
  • Best of all we don't allow direct competition, so it's either YOU or THEM - Seriously, there is only room for one of you. So reserve your spot on the next postcard campaign before any of your DIRECT competition does and LOCKS YOU OUT!
  • Just about everyone eats, everyday, and with great offers for food on both sides, it helps EVERY Business, because of the people who KEEP their Mailer FOR the different offers from the various food advertisers!
  • Mailers this size normally take 2 stamps! Today that is about $1.10 EACH! Save BIG Money by joining other businesses that are NOT your direct competition! (Let other Businesses help you pay for putting a message into the mailboxes of thousands of your local area residents!)
  • We target the most people who will actually LOVE getting YOUR offers in the mail. We mail them to the routes that have the appeal you want! Route Targeting = HITTING THE BULLSEYE!
Targeted Marketing
Our Giant Postcards Are Wildly Successful!!

When Compared to Other Methods...
Here's why:

  • Coupon Packs: Generally get discarded in thousands of homes since only a small percentage of people open them. Plus, you end up squished between competitors, plummeting your true exposure down to no value!!

  • TV / Radio: Depends on people watching or listening at the particular moment your ad is played. Plus it is nearly impossible to tell if customers even saw it, let alone if they respond to it.

  • Outdoor Billboards: Do not have easy tracking ability. Plus it takes long-term exposure for people to even notice it.
    Plus it is extremely costly for the tiny Return on your ad budget, which is not likely to be profitable.

  • Internet Marketing: Exposes you to people actively searching for products and services they need, but for every person searching, there are many more who would respond if you simply invited them. In Truth, Internet Marketing is a long term strategy that you have to Focus your attention towards, and who has that kind of time???
  • On the Other Hand... Our Giant Mailers have NO pages to turn, NO envelopes to open, have NO massive expense (like normal billboards require), and takes little time from you. They are Effective and can get you BIG EXPOSURE. Affordable as well, costing only cent's (per view), and with NO monthly commitment!

Get The Exposure You Deserve!
A Local Marketing Program that gets Your Message Delivered
Directly in Front of Thousands of Local Buyers...

Samples and Information:

Reserve Your AdSpace Now
Spaces are Extremely Limited and are on a First-Come, First-Serve basis.
ACT RIGHT AWAY to put YOUR Message on the next Giant Postcard.
Don't let your competitor(s) Steal the Spotlight from you,
Reserve Your Space in our co-op Campaign Right NOW!
*You choose, No Deposit or Pay Up Front to Save some money. Either way, we will even give you a FREE Bonus, BEFORE you join, to prove we are a real agency! Get Started NOW. Before a competitor of yours locks you out!


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